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  ZARNEH RESEARCH GROUP 04/24/2019 4:25pm (UTC)

Director: Dr. Morteza Momenzadeh
No. 34, 4th 12m St., Jenah Highway,
Tehran 14816-35451, Iran
Tel.: +98-21-44 05 50 12
Fax: +98-21-44048463


is a registered Iranian institute in geosciences and mineral resources. The researchers come from individuals and university staff. 

What are Zarneh's objectives?

·   To introduce Iran's geological and mineral potentials to mining industries and applicants of geosciences to recognize the benefits of geological resources and gifts and to deal best with the geological hazards.  

· To recognize needs, initiate proper research projects and introduce the research outputs to users.

· Zarneh supports and supervises the young researchers from universities and research centers (domestic and international) to promote research in geosciences.

·  Zarneh promotes research in the field of archaeology of mining in Iran by initiation and execution of research projects in this field.

· Zarneh does fundamental research in the field of prospects and constraints and for developments in mining and mining industries of Iran.

What is Zarneh doing?

· Zarneh is involved in the reconnaissance of geological potentials and metallogeny of Iran, research in regional geology, remote sensing, environmental geology, petroleum geology, engineering geology, as well as geotechnique, geohazards (earthquake, landslide and flood), site selection for major structures and economy and stock market of minerals. Research in the history and archaeology of mining and metallurgy is one of the fields of research in the Zarneh Institute.

· Zarneh believes that efficient application of various fields of geosciences in the industry and urban issues requires appropriate research works as prerequisites. Zarneh is concerned about the gap between geosciences and potential applications and seeks for Research & Development (R & D) in these fields.

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